Web Developer doing Ruby on Rails and Javascript stuff.




In order to bring more exposure to Singapore music, Hear65 was one of the initiatives to allow people to explore, listen to, and review music by Singaporean artistes.

Ruby on Rails React

Qubida Analytics


Refactored and redesigned their analysis visualizations to handle multiple dimensions and measures across multiple chart types. Redesigned their dashboards to handle cross filtering and more user-friendly. Also implemented pipelines so that the product deployments to our clients can be pushed by a single command. All tests and logging are also done at the same time. Previously employees have to deploy patches manually by SSH.

Also have provided detailed documentation and test data which can be input into our product suite to get developers and clients started as soon as possible.

AngularJS D3.js NodeJS MongoDB



I joined Bandwagon as a full-time web developer, merged their editorial, gig finder and advertisement services across three servers and databases, and have also improved the website SEO and got it a new look with the help of the team!

It was fun to get influenced by new musics and working closely with Singapore's music industry to cater to a targetted audience and learning UX along the way.

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Travelshopa is a website for users to discover fashion and shopping in little-known places. Converted the site from Wordpress to a full-fledged Ruby on Rails application, with updated design and added features.

Fun client to work with! The website also appeared on The Business Times so I'm rather happy with that.

Ruby on Rails Javascript



Created a bot for my discord server. It routinely scrapes Twitter and Instagram for latest posts, and posts them on the discord channel. It also supports miscellaneous commands like music playback from Youtube and message filtering.

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