2019 has been life-changing. I:

  • Graduated university

    It went relatively smooth. The last year was unventful - I didn't go out of my way to join events or extra curricular activities. Instead, I spent the time preparing for job interviews, self improvement and finishing up any freelance work.
    During the graduation ceremony I promptly left after having lunch and a couple of photos. I can see why some would bring their robes out to different places for photo taking, but that's not for me. I will need to set a date for a family photoshoot which I have been procrastinating on though..

  • Tried to be fitter

    I say "tried", but it was really a compulsory side-effect from clearing my national service duties. However, I am trying to at least perform some static exercises at home daily.

  • Stayed away from gaming but went back anyway

    I tried to stop gaming for a few months and intensively focus on work, but I eventually crawled back as doing work constantly was mentally tiring. I found myself spending my free time on Youtube watching meaningless videos after work when I was in my no-gaming phase, so avoiding games in hopes of achieving higher yield turned out to be moot. Instead, I spent the extra time on gardening and..

  • Started learning the piano (and managed to play the 14th song!)
  • Stayed a vegetarian (yay)
  • Proposed to the love of my life 🎉

Now I know I have been procrastinating on the article (It really is my achilles heel, working on it!), I needed some time to gather my thoughts on what I want to achieve in 2020.

  • Start investing my extra savings

    As I have recently started work, I have started thinking about extra avenues of moolah but it feels like making the right investments will take too much time. Maybe I'll get strted with robo investors and see where it gets me!

  • Get into DevSecOps

    Preparation for Offensive Security hopefully?

  • Read a book a month

    I haven't read books (the story, novel kinds) in ages so I thought I could use my spare travelling time for it. Maybe I should purchase a Kindle? I'm still undecided though.
    I still need to finish my Ruby book. I promise I'll finish that this month!

I think that is all from me, for now at least. I'm having a great time at work, learning new things and forging new connections. On the other hand, I wish that the Earth would stop burning, and that humans would become less selfish and less stupid. Hopefully it doesn't require the entire world to catch fire for us to realise that.