Summer Updates

I will update every month to keep track of my life! Here are some of my (less potato looking) drawings for the month so far:

From left to right in chronological order: bagel, some random ginger and macoto

I learnt quite a bit about rendering with "values" in mind - that is, to think about the lights and darks and the middles when painting, and be really bold about it. Also thought of the cheating technique of using Photoshop's ellipsis tool to help me visualize the cranium, which is how I start drawing faces! I have also realized to measure everything when drawing from reference to get it as accurate as possible without tracing. I'd measure the angles, the relative distance, and visualizing the emotions and the direction the people are looking at.
It's a lot more looking than drawing, to be honest.
After picking up this hobby I have started to really see things in a different light, quite literally. I'd think about how the shapes that form the object, the shadows, the colors, the tones..

I'll continue drawing more and hopefully I can develop my own style eventually! There is no stopping this grind!