It has been a roller-coaster ride of a 2017, and with the new year creeping in a few days ago, I thought I should update the website more frequently.. and what better way to start other than a recap?

Internship interviews and worrying about failing Physics really took up the first few months.I was also working on another start-up project at the same time, which after looking back, I wished I didn't take up. I ended up accepting a position at an big-data analytics start-up, which I have totally no idea about.. which is a good thing! What other way to spend your internship period other than learning new things, and diving into the deep end of the pool without (much) repercussions?

And this is when my cough started getting worse. Stress is bad for health, who would have thought? During these few months I have learnt a lot, from D3.js to angular (and getting to dislike it), to very interesting code interactions, to the nightmares of maintaining code contributed by a larger group of people. I also stopped consumption of coffee halfway through this period as it was making me nauseous.
Fuck you acid reflux!

I also gave my SO my first bouquet of flowers. It was definitely worth it - her eyes were gleaming, her infectious smile was on the entire night.. I should find another opportunity to gift another bouquet!

Before the new term started I went to Taiwan with a friend for the first time. I loved 花莲 the most. Also got tired of night markets after the 3rd day. My stomach condition didn't help with the trip. I felt sorry for my friend as we weren't able to go to some places to eat as I was practically feeling nauseous half the time. Also discovered I really like taking photos of strangers. Here are some photos!

Crumbling under the pressure and stupidity of taking multiple freelance jobs with the constant looding-in of school projects, I had to take a few days off just doing nothing to recuperate so I could eat normally again. Haven't had coffee in 5 months. Not dead yet.
Thanks to the Lyrical Arts module I took this term, I was able to appreciate gardens and lyrical works more now - it put me in another perspective to view art. It could help with my phototaking..

I started taking slow walks back home via the park instead of taking the public transport. Might be nice to take a slower pace, after all.