This post was created in 2017 but the date is changed backwards just to organize things a little bit. So anyways, we won second place for Kudolympics and got a trip to Jakarta to visit the company office and to do some sightseeing!

Kampung vibes Sukan, CTO of Kudo giving a speech

I didn't take any photos in the office because my phone ran out of battery :\ but it was pretty huge and cool! They actually have two buildings, one for office work and another one as an auditorium specially for presentations. I am really impressed with their business model and the technological hurdles they have to overcome to provide online, trustable shopping to the rural masses, where they have limited internet access and cashless payments, if at all.

Having lunch at the restaurant graciously sponsored by Kudo

Other than the company visit, there was another thing that was really notable, and it is the food. My god, so much flavours! There were coconut seafood soup, fried fish with sambal and sotong, all marinated with very special sauces. And all were sooo delicious. There were also iced tea which apparently where their favourite drink to go with the meals. I also tried eating with my hands as like the locals and failed pretty miserably, but I had fun.

On the second day which was our free day, we ventured out to have Nasi Padang at a seemingly famous store, without knowing how to order or say anything in Bahasa. It turns out that it was pay-what-you-eat, and they just came in automatically with plates upon plates of chicken and fish and vegetables! We didn't know about that so we just ate everything, so the price at the end came out to be rather expensive. Or maybe we got scammed, we'll never know.

Oh and Murtabak Manis is the best thing ever.