Another break in the middle of the term has just ended!

So it happens I still find Physics scary (and our previous test results definitely proved this point), Maths to be fun, Design to be insightful yet conflicted, and social sciences to be really interesting. The ideas of the great thinkers that aim to discover the causes and effects of society, how economy is tied into culture and religion.. I love discussing these ideas and I hope I could hone the art of delivering my ideas across better.

So over last few months, I've finally gotten around to writing my resume, done up the first working draft of Eve, visited Microsoft for a tour, designed a poster and made the basic design for our 3007 project web application.
In terms of GW2, I've crafted my second legendary Sunrise, and am on my way to Astalaria, currently now at the tier 1 collection. Haven't played DOTA2 in ages..am happy to see Team Faceless qualifying for Team Boston though!

Usu wielding her new Sunrise at Lion's Arch.

Oh and remember the Australian guy I tutored for his database assignment? He got full marks for his part of the assignment :) But his groupmate was incompetent so he got 75% in the end :(

This week will be fun! Tomorrow I'll be going to a school to conduct a Sphero workshop, and on Friday I'll be going for Kudolympics! Can't wait for these activities. Dreading getting my Physics paper back though.