First Term

The term break has ended and thankfully I was able to escape unscathed (for the most part). It has been a short three weeks!

I've replaced gulp to webpack for one of my projects to allow hot reloading on development with webpack-dev-server. It also minified my scripts and compressed my images which you would have to write code for if you were using gulp. It also sped up the loading times of the project website which I'm rather happy with! I've also replaced the node server which also shows considerable loading speed improvements.

Also in the works is Eve, a smart mirror with STT and NLP with the help of and Google Speech. Coded with Electron, which was something I picked up a few weeks before the finals. I'll create a project item and a post on the process and details when it is done!

And then it's Guild Wars 2 all the way. Gained about 500 AP within 3 weeks and unlocked all the Magumma masteries! The new map was pretty nice, and another Elder Dragon has awakened. I've also cleared my first Chak Garent, and a second one with a 80% burn in the last phase..everyone thought it was a sure-fail. Chak Garent died with 1 second left on the clock!

Too close for comfort but this will be a story for the ages.

I've also made a new Australian friend; he asked for SQL help in game and I decided to assist. It has been some time since I've done MS-SQL and I really enjoy teaching him while refreshing my own memory at the same time. (It also reminded me how some modules taught in schools are rather poorly designed.)

 Random insert --- pres are cool. 
def foobar
  puts "wow even syntax highlighting!"

Anyway, the second school term is starting tomorrow, and I have GPAs to earn and modules to conquer. Can't wait to try out new things and explore new technologies and concepts!

 Every morning there are mountains to climb!