Recess week just ended a few days ago and I'm feeling numb from all the games I've played. I'd be surprised if I don't contract carpal tunnel syndrome sometime in the future with all these coding "shenanigans" and gaming habits. The moment I realised I could hold down the mouse button to move my character in Torchlight II was a life-saver.

The onset of a sudden fever didn't really help the cause of wasted time too.

I was browsing the Internet aimlessly and somehow landed upon a graphic design school's website and various other things that I felt was really interesting thing to learn, but I always tell myself "I don't have the time to do it. I need to do other more important things!"

My command of the Japanese language is a patchwork of translated lyrics and basic sentences with limited grammar knowledge, I have a book for learning Hangul gathering dust on my shelf, I have a special YUI guitar pick from one of her albums, I have leftover cooking ingredients left at home, I have several brushes and pencils and dried up paints..

The medium and the tools are still there..