Some thoughts

I wanted to take a "break" from my preparation for tomorrow's Maths exam so I thought I should write another blog post!

It has been three months since I wrote, mostly because I lost my travel notes for the Osaka trip, which had the little things that excited me and I kinda forgot some of the details.
I'm sad.

Anyway! School has started and I feel like I've hit a certain threshold for human interaction; I would rather go back to my bunk and watch some videos or play some Hearthstone or attempt next week's homework. Don't really like hovering around after class and chit-chat nor not doing anything after finishing my meal with the group.

On another topic - Recently, the news have reported that the Government will block Internet access for the computers of the public servants at their workspaces. Without doubt, the typical netizen jumped on the bashing bandwagon and made sensationalist articles and uninformed comments on how inane and backwards the action seemed to be.

Well I guess this is the nature of the Internet, or even human nature; there will be misinformation, there will be doubts, and there will be cynics.

As long the device is connected to the Intranet, it won't have any Internet access. Mind, they are only talking about the sectors that require the highest amount of data security. Other government bodies that handle less-sensitive data like schools have another separate system and will still have internet access!

I think it's a win-win situation! Lesser spending on sophisticated security systems (which might be compromised in the future anyway) and more spending on other stuff.

Welp, time to get back to proving delta-epsilon for limits..