Day 0: Kansai Airport

It's been about a week since we came back from Osaka so I thought I'd write something about my trip!

10431931_584172705068042_1678899775_n Brought mini-Naoto along.
  • Day 1
    • Sanjo
    • Uji
    • Inari
    • Gion-Shijo
  • Day 2
    • Nara
  • Day 3
    • Arashiyama
  • Day 4 & 5
    • Kinosaki-Onsen
  • Day 6
    • Himeji
  • Day 7
    • Kobe
    • Sannomiya
  • Day 8
    • Koyasan
  • Day 9
    • Kansai

Okay! So on the day of arrival we didn't do much. The queue at the immigration checkpoint was really long and we spent at least an hour and a half waiting for clearance. By the time we did, most places have already closed so we just got sandwiches at the convenience store for our dinner.

The Suica cards we got on our previous trip to Tokyo proved to be useful as we didn't need to purchase multiple tickets and what not. The people at the airport were also kind enough to assist us in obtaining our free WiFi for use around Japan, which we didn't get last time! Would be really helpful and I'm glad that we didn't get the WiFi dongle at Changi Airport, which would set us back about a hundred dollars.

Hooray for technologically advanced countries \0/

We finally got to our first AirBnb stay at Sanjo after 15 minutes of orienting ourselves and getting used to the freezing weather. Time to plan for Day 1! Actually I didn't write much except to "explore nearby attractions".. This shows how prepared we were for the trip :P

Off to an backpacking adventure!